COVID-19 UPDATE – April 7, 2021

The current sanitary measures allow us to continue appointments in person when indicated, although distance-appointments are recommended. Please note that wearing a mask is mandatory entering the Clinic and in all common areas. We also now ask that both client and professional keep their masks on during sessions, and to wear a medical mask only (given at the front desk).

Despite curfew, evening appointments are still available if appointements are non possible through distance-sessions. However you will need an appointment attestation from your professional.

We also strongly recommend distance-sessions only for clients 65 years and up who are not yet vaccinated (3 week waiting period after 1st vaccine).

Please note the following disinfection and distancing measures:

– Common areas are disinfected several times a day, and the office chairs are disinfected between each client; however, despite rigorous measures, a zero-risk level is impossible, and we therefore ask you to take all the necessary precautions:
– Hand washing is mandatory when arriving and leaving the clinic;
– A space of 2 meters has been measured between chairs and must be respected;
– Any physical contact (shaking hands, …) is to be avoided;
– Disposable masks are available on request at reception.
– No one can stay in the waiting room for more than 15 minutes.
– Try to arrive at the exact time of your appointment.
– Payments should continue through Interac.
– All distancing rules apply in common areas.

If the therapist or the client presents symptoms, is in quarantine or awaiting a Covid test result (or is in contact with a person in one of these situations), the session must be held though videoconference or phone. Distance-sessions can continue at any time if you have doubts about possible contamination.

If you have been diagnosed with Covid, resuming in-person sessions can only be done 10 days after the symptoms disappear/two negative test results.

Thank you for your collaboration,

The team at Clinique Cherrier

Our services:

  • Psychiatry;
  • Psychological Assessments;
  • Psychotherapy with a Clinical Psychologist;
  • Professional supervision.

All our services are also available in English, and several other languages.

We offer therapy services for:

  • Adults;
  • Children;
  • Teenagers;
  • Couples;
  • Families.

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